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Trade Show Booth Kits

Choosing the right trade show booth truss from the many options available is of vital importance for any company who wants to present exceptional displays that will catch the eye of potential buyers. Since there are two essential purposes to be served by a trade show booth truss, that of holding displays and lighting systems securely in place as well as that of allowing your customers to browse easily and effectively, the importance of choosing the right style cannot be over-emphasized.

Most trade show truss systems range in size from as small as 10' x 10' upwards to 20' x 20' or even larger. Since trade show truss systems need to be stored a great deal of the time, they can all be disassembled in order to be as small as possible for transport. It's possible to reduce the size of some systems by more than 75%. A basic wall in a truss system is usually five or six inches wide. This size has proved ideal for providing stability as well as being light enough to move.

Even a booth in a show that only needs one wall and a table for the sake of displaying various items has a lot of different options. The trade show display truss might be a zig zag, or a straight line, or wavy, or curved. Or even some unique combination of shapes.. There are a lot of different choices that meet the simple needs and the complex.

When working with a large booth, a custom trade show booth truss can be made from basic parts like brackets, base plates, curves, and walls, along with a wide range of shelves made for keyboards, laptops, and books. These can all be quickly put together to make the perfect display for your booth. To complement the truss system, optional additional mounts make it possible for projectors, plasma displays, and LCD units to be installed. A wide range of matching fold-up furniture, like chairs and circular tables, are also available for the comfort of your customers.

However, if you wish to purchase a trade show booth truss, you do need to design the structure completely from the scratch. Many suppliers provide a wide range of ready made kits in different shapes. Some of the most common shapes are squares, octagons, an 'X' configuration with an optional circle, arches and center bars. Optional features for these displays include raised ceilings, laptop stations and doubled decked displays.

You will want to mount spotlights on the trade show display truss. These are used to highlight special areas of the display so that customers will notice them more readily. These lights can be switched on or off and can be turned to point wherever additional light is desired. Another important element to address is a packing crate.